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Tips for First Time Movers

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Fred Craig, the owner of Craig Van Lines, offered some advice for first-time movers on making the transition smooth.

“It’s essential that you have a plan ready before you begin your move,” said Craig. “Many homeowners fail to craft a checklist or itinerary for the weeks leading up to the move. Though it seems like an unnecessary step, crafting a plan is the best way to fit your life into a number of labeled cardboard boxes without wanting to crawl into a box yourself.”

Craig said the itinerary should include a packing checklist, but it should also incorporate important dates, necessary information, and helpful tips. He suggested including what items you need to buy after you move in.

“Along with your itinerary, you should plan a thorough cleaning of your new home,” said Craig. “This is also the perfect opportunity to go through a final inspection to make note of any urgent repairs or costs that should be dealt with in the future. Though your movers might clomp a little mud through your door, cleaning your walls and fridge will help ease your transition when you move those heavy boxes.”

If possible, Craig said the best time to move is typically in the middle of the day in the middle of a week, when there is less traffic. “During the move itself, be sure to use every tool at your disposal to keep your items and home in tiptop shape. This includes an easy floor plan where your boxes and items will be placed, along with any moving tools to help make your job easier. After all, it’s easy to slam down heavy and fragile boxes if you don’t have a dolly, potentially breaking your fine China. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to put a hole through your wall if you trip over a box left in the doorway. Simple planning methods like this can save your items, your home, and your back a lot of pain,” he said.

When the moving is finally done, Craig said it’s tempting to want to take a break, but make sure to take care of any essential purchases that you may have overlooked, like a plunger or coffee machine. “If you know you need to purchase essential items for your home, try to buy these items after your move to make your transition from home to home a little easier,” he said.

“Moving can be hard, but it’s a little easier when you have a handy guide to help you through,” said Craig. “Try these tips when you move into your first home to perfect the process.”


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