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New Year Resolutions

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Both buyers and sellers are concerned about making sure they have enough down payment funds.  Remember sellers will have to buy once their home is sold.  And as we move from last year’s strong recovery into 2014, buying a home is just going to get more expensive here in Bucks County as in most markets.   Price increases in 2014 should slow from the 2013 unsustainable fast pace although prices will still rise faster than both income and rents.  Making matters tougher mortgage rates will be higher in 2014 from 2013, thanks to the strengthening economy and the impending tapering by the Feds.

Worsening housing affordability does not have to mean gloom for the aspiring home buyer.  Buying a Bucks County home throughout 2014 will remain cheaper than renting.  As of September 2013, buying was, nationally on average 35% cheaper than renting.  Another benefit with rising prices is a seller who was holding out will be encouraged to finally put their home on the market, meaning buyers will have more properties to choose from.  Plus obtaining a mortgage should loosen up as with rising rates there has been a significant decrease in the refinance market which means banks have ramped up their purchase lending.

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I’ve been a resident of Bucks County since 1979 and have been a REALTOR since 1995. I have earned the respect of friends & associates by maintaining a level of fairness & understanding of their needs. A big part of my process is the conversation. I believe a lot of agents have forgotten this. To sit down & really listen to what you are looking to accomplish & what your dreams and wishes are. I’ve always said it all begins with a conversation & it holds true for everything.

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