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Alleviate Home Sale Anxieties: What Will Most Likely Happen, Part 3

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An Experienced Agent can help alleviate home sale anxieties because we know what to expect.

Other things that Will Most Likely Happen When Selling…

Agents and prospective buyers are going to knock on your door or see you in the yard and ask to see your home.  Tell them that you pay me for that service and have them call me.  Never allow anyone in your home without an agent and a scheduled appointment!  Never!

Expect a “low ball” offer; treat it as a starting point.

Prepare for the unexpected.  For example, the buyer may lose their job, or worse yet, quit, during the mortgage process.

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I’ve been a resident of Bucks County since 1979 and have been a REALTOR since 1995. I have earned the respect of friends & associates by maintaining a level of fairness & understanding of their needs. A big part of my process is the conversation. I believe a lot of agents have forgotten this. To sit down & really listen to what you are looking to accomplish & what your dreams and wishes are. I’ve always said it all begins with a conversation & it holds true for everything.

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