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Advice for Buyers: Things You Absolutely Should Not Do #5

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Understanding the rules and etiquette can make any situation easier to navigate.

Did you know there are rules for who represents you? Once you are represented by a Realtor, remember:

Do not call another agent on “For Sale” signs, Call Me!

Do not attend Open Houses or visit New Construction without me. If I am not there or do not pre-register you, I likely will not be able to represent you and you may be represented by the agent that was there…may be their first day on the job.

If you do attend an open house, always inform the hosting agent that you are already represented. The best way to inform the agent is to have my business card in hand and simply say, “This is my agent.” when you sign in.

Always be polite to the host, but it is best to leave all the necessary communications, verbal and written, to me. That is why you have a professional like myself – to keep your best interests front and center.

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I’ve been a resident of Bucks County since 1979 and have been a REALTOR since 1995. I have earned the respect of friends & associates by maintaining a level of fairness & understanding of their needs. A big part of my process is the conversation. I believe a lot of agents have forgotten this. To sit down & really listen to what you are looking to accomplish & what your dreams and wishes are. I’ve always said it all begins with a conversation & it holds true for everything.

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